World Trade Center Stories

All of these pieces were written after the catastrophe on September 11, 2001. They're not listed in any particular order. Some were written hours after the event. Others have more distance.

Trick of the Light

by Paul W. Morris

The Numbers

by Bryan Charles
An Urban Archeologist at Ground Zero
by Dorothy Spears

STORIES FROM FIRE ENGINE 16: Pete Fallucca and Tim Marmion and Paul Lee and Lt. Mickey Kross
by Edward Helmore

Ground Zero Diary
by Lieutenant Mickey Kross

Notes from October

by Patrick Sauer

Breathing In The Dead
by Peggy Gormley

My Bladder and The Mosque
by Debbie Nathan

STORIES FROM FIRE ENGINE 16: Pete Fallucca and Tim Marmion and Paul Lee and Lt. Mickey Kross
by Edward Helmore

The War in Red Hook
by Victoria Malkin

Ground Zero College
by Kate Walter

Ashes in Brooklyn
by Phillip Lopate

Terrorists and Your Local Deli
by Josh Gilbert

Dept. of Preservation
by Sean Ramsay

The Photo Not taken
by Joshua Lefkowitz

Bringing Down The Wall
by Sami Plotkin

Almost Home
by Richard Vreeland

by Joseph Lieber

She Worked at Windows on the World
by Karen Louie

by Amy Sohn

Witnessing: On Falling Bodies
by Debra Fontaine

Memorial for Michael Richards,

Artist in Residence at the WTC
by Anne Kovach

Memorial for a Fireman
by Fran Manushkin

Strange Days at Glamour
by Maura Kelly

The Scene at Union Square Park
by Alex Abramovich

A View From Long Island, Pt.II
by Adam Baer

Brooklyn Heights Candelabra
by Elizabeth Seay

Looking Through the Neighbor's Window:
Scenes from Boston
by Jen Trynin

"It's Not Your Fault You're American"
by Lauren Grodstein

A View From The Promenade
by Elizabeth Grove

Scenes from Astoria
by Sam Lipsyte

On Giving Blood
by Carolyn Murnick

The View From Staten Island
by Gabrielle Walter

I'm So Glad You're Alive
by Elizabeth Grove

A View From The WTC Plaza
by Charles Waters

Scenes From The Brooklyn Bridge
by Jim Merlis

A View From Long Island
by Adam Baer

He Was on the 81st Floor of Two World Trade Center
by Thomas Beller

She Was On The 92nd Floor
by Josh Gilbert

Pictures of The World Trade Center Collapse

The Politics of Twenty Fifth and Fifth
by Vince Passaro

Before and After by Rebecca Letz

A View From Israel
by Didi Menussi

Long Term Professional Service:
The origins and maintenance of the WTC
by Thomas Beller

"So Big Vitality!"

Notes from France and Brazil